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For general inquiries, please contact info[at]iralevin[dot]org

For information regarding Ira Levin's novels (The Boys from Brazil, A Kiss Before Dying, This Perfect Day, Rosemary's Baby, Sliver, Son of Rosemary and The Stepford Wives), please contact:

General - Phyllis Westberg (phyllis[at]haroldober[dot]com)
Translation & Audio - Craig Tenney (ctenney[at]haroldober[dot]com)
Film & TV - Don Laventhall (don[at]haroldober[dot]com)
Theatrical - Karen Gormandy (karen[at]haroldober[dot]com)

For information regarding Ira Levin's play Veronica's Room please contact:

Derek Zasky (DZasky[at]wmeentertainment[dot]com)

For information regarding all of Ira Levin's other plays (Body Politic, Break a Leg, Cantorial, Critic's Choice, Deathtrap, Dr. Cook's Garden, Drat! The Cat!, Footsteps, General Seeger, Interlock, Killing the Lawyers and No Time for Sergeants), please contact:

Carolyn J. Casselman (ccasselman[at]paulweiss[dot]com)