A Kiss Before Dying (Remake)

The original 1956 film adaptation of "A Kiss Before Dying" was remade in 1991, starring Matt Dillon and Sean Young.

The remake's screenplay was written by James Dearden, who'd scripted 1987's Fatal Attraction. Dearden also directed Kiss, making him the second British director to helm a Levin film adaptation, the first being Bryan Forbes with 1975's The Stepford Wives.

The 1991 remake of Kiss failed to improve on the original's treatment of its source material. (Though Levin found neither version quite satisfactory, the 1956 version did grow on him over the years.)

  • It's widely regarded that the 1993 Hindi-language film Baazigar is an unauthorized retelling of Kiss's 1991 remake; you don't need to speak Hindi to get the point of the astonishing video comparison below.

Video comparison of "A Kiss before Dying" and "Baazigar"