Bunny Lake Is Missing

Producer/Director Otto Preminger, having earlier helmed Levin's 1959 stage play Critic's Choice, engaged Levin to write the screenplay for this adaptation of Evelyn Piper's novel.

Levin (whose screenplay was deemed to be too faithful to the book!) found himself the first in a torrent of writers Preminger would engage, then replace, dissatisfied with each; after Levin came Dalton Trumbo, Charles Eastman, Arthur Kopit and Penelope Mortimer – until a disagreement between her and Preminger led her to decamp, with her writer-husband John Mortimer stepping in to finish the job. (

Levin is still listed as an uncredited screenwriter in the film's IMDB entry. (Indeed, the first half of the film feels very Levin-like to us.)

  • Bunny Lake co-star Keir Dullea would star two years later opposite Burl Ives in Levin's stage play Dr. Cook's Garden
  • The film's poster was designed by legendary Saul Bass – who had earlier designed the poster for Levin's stage comedy Critic's Choice


(Above) Otto Preminger, Lee Remick and Ira Levin (R) at the 1959 Venice Film Festival

(Above) Trailer ("Bunny Lake Is Missing"