Leda’s Portrait

Leda's Portrait, a tale of a painting with certain mysterious – and prophetic – powers, was written by Levin just after graduating from New York University, and was just his second piece of professional writing (the first was The Old Woman).

Leda's Portrait was presented (as was Levin's The Pattern) in the third season of NBC's dark anthology series Lights Out – considered among the direct precursors to The Twilight Zone – and itself perhaps also the first American TV horror anthology series.

  • Leda co-star George Reeves' next role after The Pattern would begin his eight-year tenure as film & TV's Superman. Coincidentally, his Man of Steel successor Christopher Reeve would later star in the movie adaptation of Levin's Deathtrap.
    • Following the DC Universe/Deathtrap nexus further, TV-Batman "Riddler" – Frank Gorshin – played Deathtrap lead Sidney Bruhl on stage on multiple occasions. And Levin collaborated on multiple projects with original "Mr. Freeze" (Otto Preminger).

(Above) Original typescript

(Above) Levin-annotated typescript page

(Above) Original mimeographed credits page (from Levin's personal album)