The Boys from Brazil (Film)

Levin's globe-trotting 1976 techno-thriller was brought to the screen in 1978 with a top-tier cast including Laurence Olivier, Gregory Peck and James Mason. Also appearing in numerous cameos are such notables as Uta Hagen, Rosemary Harris (of the original company of Levin's Interlock), Prunella Scales ("Fawlty Towers"), and comedy great Anne Meara.

On November 21, 1976 ITC Entertainment president Abe Mandell had this to say about the then-upcoming film:

As per Levin's novel, the film contemplates the most malevolent use imaginable of nascent technology – i.e. human cloning. ("Dolly the Sheep" was still some 20 years away.)

Years before Jurassic Park, The Boys from Brazil presented cloning as a terrifying possibility (


(Above) Trailer (1978)


(Above) Fan-recut trailer (2016)