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"The Underground Gourmet"

The Underground Gourmet

Levin had this to say about his puckish 1954 short story: “The Underground Gourmet” – a humorous piece about the Devil coming to earth to sample an innocent housewife’s prize-winning devil’s-food cake (a precursor of Rosemary’s Baby?) – became a half-hour TV play in the G.E. Theater series under the title "The Devil You Say," with Sid Caesar as the Devil and Ronald Reagan (!) as the housewife’s husband.

Unlike Rosemary's Baby, in this tale the roles are reversed – with the wife nearly wooed away from her faithful husband.

The 1954 Asbury Park Sunday Press reported: “The January Ladies Home Journal carried [Levin’s] whimsical story about a young lady who won prizes for her cake baking prowess. The idea for that one popped fully formed into his mind, he says, while he was having a bed-time snack of devil’s food cake in his mother’s kitchen.”

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Ladies Home Journal (1954)